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Rayburn's Removal is the master of junk evacuation, servicing the greater Austin area. We are a full service junk removal company and will take care of everything from mattress recycling and the removal of furniture and appliances, to helping you get rid of organic waste, construction debris, old computers and much more! We can handle anything from removing a few items of furniture and boxes to cleaning out an entire storage facility or office. You don’t need to lift a finger- just indicate what you need hauled away and let our junk evacuation specialists do the rest. Our services include loading, sorting, reusing, and donating. Call it junk, garbage or whatever you want, if you don’t want it we will take it away!

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Satisfied Customers

  •   Fantastic service.  Showed up on time, friendly and efficient.  Half the price as the service I used previously.  Highly recommended!

    thumb Katherine D.
  •   I got myself in a jam and needed a working range removed and dropped off for donation.  Called Jody at 8:30 and he and another guy showed up at 10:30 to take it away. Wow. These guys are great. I paid less than $50 for an emergency haul...can't beat that!

    thumb Lisa D.
  •   Sometimes you need a man in your life. A man with a pickup truck and a plan. Jody is your man. Oh, he bills himself as a junk hauler but don't be fooled. This guy has a heart of gold and the sharp thinking of a field marshall - he can get your items moved, carried, packed, sorted, and hauled with no damage to your house or property.

    Now, Jody and his guys aren't movers. They won't show up with acres of shrink wrap and boxes. But here's all the ways Jody helped me (yes, I've hired him three times) --

    Needed a very heavy desk moved from my house to my workshop, out the door, down the stairs and across the yard. They charged a very reasonable fee after I texted him a few photos of the job.

    Needed a dresser taken to a girlfriend. She couldn't pick it up and I couldn't deliver. We called Jody to carry it out of my house, to his truck and take it over to her place. Again, a very reasonable fee.

    And finally, the masterpiece: Jody loaded my ReloCubes for a cross-country move. We bought all our own supplies at U-Haul and Harbor Freight, then he (and his assistant) helped us get everything covered with furniture blankets and shrink wrap. They VERY carefully surveyed the whole job and cherry picked items to load in the best order. They handled all my boxes with care and laughter. And yes, oh yes, he even moved that heavy desk again once I decided to put it in the pod. We had a good laugh. But moving is the worst, right? Jody said it was a matter of personal pride: he'd get that desk and anything else I wanted into those pods.

    When we got to our destination, the true test -- nary a single item shifted, broke, or crushed. His planning paid off and we gleefully cross loaded items up and out. And did I mention they were fast? I have worked with so many movers and handy men and I have to say, Jody is one of the nicest guys you'll meet in Austin. So call him. If you need a hand, a second husband, a guy with a pickup and a trailer -- I can 100% recommend Get It Gone.

    thumb Alex M.
  •   Jody and Athena are the BEST!  I first used the service to remove a cumbersome washer/dryer from a cramped closet. Jody did the miserable job with a smile, professionalism, and expediency. Could not have been happier. Then, I had a lawn guy quit on a brush job half way through and Jody was more than happy to come and haul the brush. Will call anytime I need something hauled away.  Thank you Jody and Athena!!!

    thumb Tim C.
  •   Jody and crew are on time, honest, dependable, hard working, and very interested in getting what you need done carefully and well.  His rates are very reasonable.  He has consistently earned a solid 5 star reputation as you can see from the other reviews.  I have used this company more than once and I recommend Jody to all of my friends.  Hire Get It Gone for moving stuff, packing things to be moved long distance, and removing unneeded items.  Get It Gone will recycle anything of value to keep it out of the dump--which is great for the environment and economy, a double-win. You will be so glad you called this company.

    thumb Bri A.

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  What a great service!  I signed up online and got an appointment right away.  They showed up on time and the price was very reasonable.  I would use them again.

thumb Judy F.


Rayburn's Removal

4 months 1 week ago

Relaxing by the water at Verde Vista Falls...
(Did we get ya? We're actually in the truck leaving the neighborhood we just finished a job in! 😆)

Travis County ESD 12

Rayburn's Removal

4 months 1 week ago

Such a nice mention from our local fire department!! So glad were were able to help!!

We would like to thank a Manor resident, Athena Rayburn with Rayburn's Removal for the generous donation of a like new kitchen table and chairs, replacing our nearly 15 year old hand made table, along with a like new sofa and love seat for one of our new stations. These items with be used for many years to come.

We appreciate your support and partnership!

You can visited their site at www.Rayburnsremoval.com

Rayburn's Removal

4 months 2 weeks ago

The crew manager is in a good mood today...maybe time to ask for a raise in snuggles? 🤔

Rayburn's Removal

4 months 2 weeks ago

Spotted some monk parakeets cooling off this morning!!

Rayburn's Removal

4 months 4 weeks ago

Pretty morning in Austin

Rayburn's Removal

5 months 5 days ago

Our pickups from this property have been amusing lately...last week, the couch, today, this rather historical boxspring!

Rayburn's Removal

5 months 1 week ago

This couch has personality!! 😆😆😆

Rayburn's Removal

5 months 1 week ago

Jody rocking this job!! (100° days+exhaustion= delirious hilarity!!)

Photos from Rayburn's Removal's post

Rayburn's Removal

5 months 2 weeks ago

Austin from an elevated perspective...


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